Elevator Repair Whittier

When your elevator stops working you need to get it fixed in a hurry. People are depending on it to get up and down throughout the building. It is important to get it fixed by a reputable company that specializes in elevator repair in Whittier. You want to make sure that the job is done right and that the elevator is safe for use. At GMS Elevator Services you can be sure that your elevators will be fixed properly and according to all local requirements.

Elevator Repair in Whittier

GMS Elevator Services offers complete elevator installation, repair, refurbishing, and maintenance. It is best to have your elevator regularly maintained to prevent major problems from happening. Sometimes, however, a problem occurs, When it does you need a qualified technician to quickly diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs.

At GMS Elevator Services we can work on a large variety of elevators. We stock a large selection of parts so we can fix the situation in a hurry. We use OEM parts so that you can be sure the elevator repair in Whittier is done correctly. Our technicians have years of experience working on all types of elevators.

Maintenance and Testing

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your elevators in good working condition. Whether you have two elevators or several banks of them, we are able to provide maintenance that is needed. Our comprehensive maintenance contracts may also include testing and compliance with state and local laws.

Testing typically needs to be completed annually with full load tests every 5 years. Compliance testing is important because if your elevators don't pass the tests you won't be able to operate them until they meet the requirements. Elevators must be installed and operational according to all applicable codes. We know the codes and how they apply to your particular location so we can make sure that we prepare your elevator for testing when required.

Elevator Installation and Refurbishing

In addition to elevator repair in Whittier, GMS Elevator Services also provides complete installation and refurbishing services. Our skilled team is there from the start to help plan and then install elevators in your new building. We ensure that they are properly installed, meet the code requirements and pass all testing.

Older elevators may not always continue to be reliable. When refurbishing is necessary we are there to provide all services. We will help transform your old elevators into new updated versions. We will work with you to plan the updates so that they meet all requirements and will strive to improve the look and functionality of your elevators. We also ensure that the newly updated elevators will pass all the required inspections and we'll develop a schedule so there is the least amount of inconvenience possible.

GMS Elevator Services offers complete elevator care in Whittier and nearby areas. Our trained technicians are able to work on all types of elevators. Whether you need repair or maintenance, call GMS Elevator Services for an appointment today.

Elevator Repair Whittier
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Elevator Repair Whittier
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