Elevator Repair Santa Ana

Elevator Repair in Santa Ana

If you found us while searching for a reliable local company that offers elevator repair in Santa Ana, this could be your lucky day. We are MS Elevator Service and we happen to know all the ins and outs of your elevator. If anything ever goes wrong, we are the company to call.

What could possibly go wrong?

With so many moving parts and computerized systems, there are plenty of things that can disrupt the smooth operation of your elevator. To avoid problems, your best bet is to have your lift installed by a reputable company that does new installations as well as elevator repair in Santa Ana or wherever you are.

Basic passenger and service elevator components include the car or cab, the hoist-way (shaft) and the machine/drive system. Control and safety systems are also integral parts of a modern elevator. Repair in Santa Ana may involve these or other parts, including pistons and cylinders, pumps and piping, hydraulic oil reservoirs and elevator control systems.

Parts that may require periodic servicing include guide rails, guide shoes, buffers, cylinders and traveling cables. Plungers, brakes and counterweights are also parts to protect. If anything ever goes wrong with these or other parts of your elevator, give us a call. Notify us without delay if your compensating chain, compounding sheave or other elevator part fails. MS Elevator Service is pleased to offer quick and reliable elevator repair in Santa Ana and surrounding areas.

Safety systems that may require maintenance or elevator repair in Santa Ana

* Infrared safety curtains are used to scan the areas adjacent to the elevator and automatically reopen if an object -or person- is detected. This is the most up to the minute sort of elevator door safety feature.

* Electronic photo eyes emit two or more fixed beams to detect the presence of a person or object that might impede door closing or safe operation of the elevator. If something breaks the beam, the door immediately reopens.

* Mechanical edges are one of the oldest kinds of elevator safety gear, and they are exactly what they sound like. When in place, nothing will stop the door from closing unless physical contact is made with the door edge. For decades, this was the most prevalent sort of elevator door safety feature and is still in use in many elevator systems today.

Slow performance and extended wait times

Sometimes, a simple relay malfunction may cause your elevator to perform less than optimally. Age and overall condition of your elevator may also contribute to slow rides and long waits. A new microprocessor control system may speed things up considerably. If you need that sort of elevator repair in Santa Ana, please contact us today.

If you wish to do business with a four-generation family business that cares about the safety and efficiency of your elevators, we are the company to call. Locally owned and proud of our good reputation, MS Elevator Service has been serving the Santa Ana and Riverside regions since 1987.

Elevator Repair Santa Ana
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Elevator Repair Santa Ana
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