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If you are reading this, you probably own or manage at least one elevator. The question is how much do you really know about the thing that conveys you and your co-workers from floor to floor? If you're like most people, chances are good that you take an elevator, escalator every day and never think twice about it. We can do your elevator repair in Riverside, and we can tell you a few things you might not know about your elevator, too.

Destination dispatch

Elevator repair in Riverside sometimes involves the maintenance, repair or replacement of a computerized destination dispatch system. If you don't know what that is, don't worry. We can fix yours if you ever need us to do so. In the meantime, here's an easy explanation of destination dispatch.

If you have visited a tall building with a bank of elevators built since the 1990s, you've likely experienced computerized destination dispatch. An elevator equipped with this time-saving tech does a lot more than simply respond to the press of an up or down request button. Instead, the rider selects the destination floor before ever stepping onto the elevator itself. In response, the rider is told which elevator will take them there. This gives the rider the chance to be near the door when their ride arrives.

Algorithms go a long way to promote elevator efficiency

Based on algorithms such as estimated time of arrival control, a computerized destination dispatch system can shift priorities as needed throughout the day. During a morning rush, destination dispatch reduces overall trip times, but riders may have to wait a little longer for a particular elevator to arrive, explains Popular Mechanics magazine.

With a destination dispatch system in place, different cars are distributed to adjacent stops. An elevator that's been told where to go won't stop for individual passengers on the way. Ideally, everyone will know which car is coming for them and will queue appropriately instead of trying to all board the same elevator at the same time.

For persons who are mobility impaired, computerized destination dispatch is a remarkable boon. Because they can find out which elevator to expect in advance of its arrival, they can maneuver into position comfortably without having to rush.

The concept of destination dispatch was revealed in Sydney, Australia in 1961 but was not feasible for elevators that relied on relays as they did back then. By 1992, that problem was solved, and the Miconic 10 started shaving about 30 percent off typical elevator travel time.

If you ever need to know more about your destination dispatch system, or if you require any sort of elevator maintenance or elevator repair in Riverside, please give us a call without delay. We are MS Elevator Services, and we've been in the vertical transport game for a very long time. Do business with a local, family-operated elevator repair biz in Riverside. Our reputation shines because we stand behind every job we do.

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