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Remarkably, there are more than 900,000 elevators in operation from coast to coast on any day of the year, and more are being added all the time. When taken as a whole, these American elevators require a minimum of 21 million hours of maintenance annually. Not every elevator repair outfit in Los Angeles is up to the task, however. Property managers and business owners should always exercise caution when shopping for a company for elevator repair in Hollywood or wherever they happen to be.

Consistent maintenance is key to continuous elevator operation

When talking about your elevators, safety is the number one factor to consider. Even though elevators are by far the safest mode of transportation around, they absolutely must receive scheduled care to ensure their continuing passenger safety.

To be most effective, elevator maintenance must be carried out with great regularity. Catastrophic elevator events are exceedingly rare, but a haphazard maintenance schedule can lead directly to trip-and-fall door-related accidents and other unhappy surprises, explains Facilities Maintenance magazine.

Elevators changed the world and deserve a little respect

Daniel Levinson Wilk is an associate history professor at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City as well as a board member of the Elevator Museum in Queens, NY. Wilk believes that if more people would stop for a minute and pay conscious attention to the elevators they use every day, the world would be an all around better place. When Wilk takes a daily 90-second elevator ride, he enjoys every second of it. In a 2014 article in the Boston Globe, Professor Wilk explained that elevators changed the world no less than the mighty automobile. Noted Wilk, the car, and elevator have been locked in a sort of weird secret war for more than a century. Cars help humans move outward while elevators helped America scrape the sky and move vertically. If you are like most people who take an elevator every day, you probably step aboard and take the ride without thinking twice. If something went wrong with the elevator, however, elevator repair in Hollywood could replace every other thought in your mind.

We have the experience, crew, and equipment to deal with anything that might ever go wrong with your elevator. GMS Elevator installs new elevators and repairs older elevators, as well. Your conveyance deserves proper maintenance, so bookmark our page and save our contact info right now. Have us inspect your site and set up a maintenance schedule for your elevator or elevators. If it's time for your annual certification, we can help you with that, too.

Preventative maintenance may save you the cost of future elevator repair in Hollywood. Whatever you do, don't take chances with safety. We provide a range of elevator services, including installation, maintenance and elevator repair in Hollywood. To schedule your inspection, please call GMS Elevator at 1-909-599-3904.

elevator repair Hollywood
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