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Elevators are machines whose mission is the transport of people or objects from one floor to another of a building; they are also devices whose installation supposes a considerable investment.

That is why it is vitally important that the equipment be in proper condition and perfect functioning. This guarantees in the first place, the safety of its occupants. Also, safeguard the value of the device, and maintain the value of the property.

There are two types of vertical lifters: electric and hydraulic, each with its characteristics. According to traffic, there are conventional elevators, usually installed in buildings such as residential, hotels, or hospitals.

There are also small elevators for single-family homes (also called low-speed lifts), designed primarily for installation in private homes or low-rise buildings, with a low passenger traffic estimate.

Regardless of the type, it is essential that they have an appropriate maintenance plan, to ensure that it is in optimal conditions.

Who Can Do the Maintenance of Your Elevator?

Only companies that are registered and authorized by the competent authority can perform the maintenance of an elevator. In this way, you ensure that the company meets all the technical conditions to service your equipment.

In this way, you can count on a supplier that performs maintenance, repairs, and modifications complying with technical and safety standards. If you need a maintenance service or an elevator repair in Glendale, GMS Elevator Services will gladly assist you.

Types of Elevator Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

This type of maintenance is carried out through a chronogram of periodic visits to the facilities. Qualified technicians through a checklist, make sure everything is working correctly.

In case an adjustment has to be made, the technicians will carry out the calibrations necessary for the equipment to work optimally.

Corrective Maintenance or Repair

Corrective maintenance consisting of the set of operations necessary for the proper working condition and safety of the device. For the performance of this function, GMS Elevator Services has highly qualified technicians and the appropriate means and tools for performing this service.

In this type of category are the repairs, replacement of parts and necessary adjustments according to the specifications of the equipment manufacturer. According to the use and effort made by the equipment, the parts eventually become fatigued or wear out, and that is when a repair is required.

The Preservation of the Elevator

The excellent state of this equipment not only depends on the performance of the company that does the maintenance. Factors such as exceeding the weight limits (use it with more people than recommended for example), or misusing the elevator (for example, using a passengers' lift for loading) will negatively impact the equipment. The conscious and adequate use, together with an excellent maintenance plan is the ideal condition to conserve the device.

Trust the Experts

Founded in 1987, GMS Elevator Services is today the leading company in the installation, maintenance, repair, and modification of elevators in Glendale. Our highest priority is customer satisfaction, so if you need an elevator repair in Glendale, you will be in the best hands. Contact Us; We will be happy to assist you.

elevator repair Glendale
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elevator repair Glendale
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elevator repair Glendale elevator repair Glendale elevator repair Glendale