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An elevator installer and repairer, also known as an elevator constructor or elevator assembler is responsible for the assembling, installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of elevators, escalators, chairlifts, moving walkways, and other similar building lifts. The repair of elevators requires a very high level of expertise and specialization. An elevator repairer therefore needs to have a great knowledge of electronics, hydraulics as a lot of troubleshooting needs to be done on maintaining and repairing elevators. It is therefore of utmost importance that you acquire the services of an experienced elevator repair company to handle all your elevator issues. Elevators are an important part of a building, and you would not want them to become a problem to you due to poor quality installation or repair. Get it right always.

GMS Elevator services is the company to go to for anything elevators. We have a great reputation in the vertical transportation industry and have a great experience, which has spanned four generations. It was founded by G. Mathew Simpkins, Pamela Simpkins, and Gordon Simpkins in 1987. Since then it has become a force to reckon with in the elevator industry and has become the elevator servicing company of choice for many clients. The company has exceeded standards in the industry and has continued to produce top quality elevators. We have a very experienced staff base who are all totally dedicated to their jobs and are also strongly qualified for their jobs. We have a history of delivering top quality jobs. In 2003, we implemented a structured safety program coupled with an accredited approved state and federal program which was designed specifically for elevator mechanics and apprentices. In 2014, we began refurbishing cab interiors, refinishing entrances, new ceilings, and flooring. Our plans have become successful and our company has grown and continues to expand and open new frontiers, and also undertake larger projects.

GMS engages in elevator servicing, elevator modernization, and new elevator construction. We are the best in elevator repair in Fullerton and have a fantastic history of always delivering the best jobs all the time. Our customer service is superb, and we complete our projects in record time without any form of hitches. We also carry out regular maintenance and servicing of elevators to ensure that they are in perfect working condition always. We also perform preventive maintenance on installed elevators, providing that you are safe and secured every time.

Our elevator repair in Fullerton is done with the best methods, and we have the best set of technical experts for the job at hand. We provide a cost-effective emergency repair service that gets your elevator equipment back online when the full working condition is disrupted. Our technical staff are customer friendly and very skilled. They also come with many years of experience and have been entirely successful in the completion of many repair projects. Whatever type of elevator repair in Fullerton that you need to be done, we are the best in the business. We always do the job right. Contact us today and reap the rewards of working with the best. We await your call.

elevator repair Fullerton
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elevator repair Fullerton
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elevator repair Fullerton elevator repair Fullerton elevator repair Fullerton