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Are you living in Fontana and asking yourself the question, "Where can I find elevator installation and repair services near me?" If so, you need not look any further than GMS Elevator Services. We are the preeminent elevator repair company in Fontana, CA. But how did we achieve that title? More importantly, why should you come to us when you require elevator repair in Fontana? Read on to find out.

Our History

GMS Elevator Services was founded all the way back in 1987. That means we have served Fontana for more than three decades. In that time, we have installed, maintained, and repaired elevators of all descriptions. The fact that we have been in the game so long gives us a distinct advantage over newer providers of elevator maintenance in Fontana. It means we are extremely familiar with older elevator models. As such, we will be able to repair seemingly obsolete elevators rather than going the more costly route of installing an entirely new one. We even keep a steady inventory of original equipment manufacturer's replacement parts. We'll always be able to source a suitable replacement part for even the oldest elevators.

Our Expertise

While we boast unsurpassed knowledge of older elevator models, we are also extremely familiar with more modern alternatives. We are experts in contemporary elevator engineering and will utilize that expertise if you wish to equip your building with the latest technology available.

Our skilled veteran engineers are qualified to carry out any repair job swiftly and effectively. The moment you need us, we will be there to provide a sufficient resolution.

Our Reputation

As a result of our extensive history and unbeaten expertise, we have gained quite the reputation for excellence around California. We are particularly renowned for our Fontana, CA elevator repair and maintenance. This is because we have worked with countless businesses in the city to help them create a fast and reliable elevator system. Allow us to do the same for you, and you can be certain of the same unsurpassed service that has taken us to the top of our industry.

Our Services

At GMS Elevator Services, we offer the most comprehensive selection of repair and maintenance effective packages of any elevator company in California. These include a preventative maintenance program. Through this package, we help identify potential issues and rectify problems before they can occur. Should it be too late for this, we also offer affordable repair services designed to tackle any elevator damage, whatever its cause. Repairs are carried out as efficiently as possible, thus minimizing interruptions to your business.

Elevators are required to pass state and city compliance tests. GMS Elevator Services offers a pre-test package in which we will examine your elevator and determine its likelihood of passing. If any problems are identified, we will repair them immediately and have your elevator operating at peak performance in time for its inspection.

Contact Us

For more information on elevator repair in Fontana or to receive a free consultation and quote, contact us today at 909-599-3904.

elevator repair Fontana
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elevator repair Fontana
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elevator repair Fontana elevator repair Fontana elevator repair Fontana