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Nothing can bring your workday to a grinding halt like an inoperable elevator. Businesses depend on the modern conveyance to move workers and executives from floor to floor with ease. If something goes wrong with your elevator, call GMS for right-now elevator repair in Downey.

The elevator in your office building is most likely one of those things that you see and use every day without really observing the amazing contraption that it is. The elevator that you barely notice comprises a passenger cab, counterweights, an electric motor as well as a system of pulleys, cables, and brakes. Safety systems are in place to protect passengers in the rare case of unavoidable elevator failure. Regular safety inspections and maintenance can ameliorate the need for costly elevator repair in Downey in the future.

The first viable powered elevator was patented in the 1860s by a fellow named Elisha Graves Otis. Although the biggest elevator company in the world still boasts his name, Elisha Otis would no doubt be surprised by the 21st-century evolution of his handy device. The elevator changed everything about the way America grew. No longer were pioneers limited to the Wild West. Once Elisha Otis' invention was in place, the country found the opportunity to expand upward, as well.

Have you ever wondered the best way to stay safe on an elevator? The Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation explains:

  • Do watch your step when entering or exiting an elevator
  • If a handrail is available, hold it
  • If an elevator you are riding in gets stuck, stay calm and press the emergency button
  • If the elevator you're riding in stops unexpectedly, wait for help inside the cab
  • Don't attempt to pry open the doors of a stuck elevator
  • If there is a fire in the building, don't get in an elevator. Take the stairs instead
  • Never engage in horseplay on an elevator
  • Don't get on an overcrowded elevator
  • Don't rest against the elevator door

Boarding etiquette as per the National Elevator Industry, Inc.

  • Always allow exiting passengers to disembark before stepping aboard
  • Stand clear of the doorway at all times
  • Keep carry-ons away from the door area
  • Never try to stop an elevator door from closing. Take the next cab instead
  • If an arriving cab is full, wait for the next elevator
  • Once on board, press the button for your floor without hesitation
  • Hold kids and service animals securely
  • Move to the rear of the cab to make room for new passengers

The surest way to avoid elevator failure and elevator repair in Downey or anywhere is by way of regular inspections and equipment maintenance. Cables, motors, pulleys and brake lines are all prone to eventual failure. Prevent that from happening in your building when you contract with GMS Elevator for regularly scheduled elevator maintenance and service. Maintenance will also protect your investment as well as the safety of your office employees and visitors.

elevator repair Downey
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elevator repair Downey
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elevator repair Downey elevator repair Downey elevator repair Downey