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For a business, a broken elevator could mean lost productivity and income. It can be quite inconveniencing having to trudge up the stairs to access your home or work premises. Whether it is out of commission for a couple of hours or several days, a broke elevator can be quite disruptive to your home building or business. Professional elevator repair in Brea is the key to resolving these inconveniences. At GMS Elevator Services, we provide reliable repair services to bring your lift online in the shortest time possible.

Our Elevator Repair Services

An elevator needs to be serviced regularly to avoid problems such as injuries, lawsuits, as well as the loss of revenue. This calls for you to work with the best Brea elevator repair maintenance company available. At GMS, we have cultivated a reputation of giving our clients the best services, which include:

Elevator Inspections & Testing

Your elevator needs routine maintenance to keep it working optimally. Our elevator repair company in Brea, CA, performs inspections and testing on your elevator to ensure you adhere to the legal requirements. Our qualified technicians will conduct frequent inspections to confirm your elevator is working as it should. Failure to do this can cause unnecessary breakdowns.

Preventative Maintenance

You need proactive preventive measures to keep your elevator working at all times. This reduces costly repairs, prevents downtime, and saves your tenants money if you own a commercial building. According to the maintenance control plan (MCP) that comes with each elevator, there should be a consistent plan mapped out for testing and regularly servicing an elevator. We give our clients unsurpassed services for elevator maintenance in Brea for peak performance and to increase its lifespan. Our expert technicians check for anything that might be problematic and fix any issues.

Emergence Elevator Repairs

Just as you invest time in calling for scheduled maintenance, we also honor any emergency calls our clients make. Further, our services for elevator repair in Orange County are aimed at limiting multiple visits to your site while fixing one problem. Our professional technicians have second to none skills when it comes to handling elevator repair. Your search for ‘elevator installation and repair services near me' comes to an end when you get in touch with us.

Elevator Repairs

We offer unsurpassed elevator repair services for both residential and commercial buildings. If you've noticed any issues such as the elevator making noise, stopping suddenly, responding slowly, or mid-leveling, our top technicians are here for you. They will inspect the problem and give you recommendations on the best course of action.

Our repair services include:

  • Door repair
  • Hydraulic line repair
  • Hoist machine repair
  • Hydraulic pump and valve repair
  • Governor rope replacement
  • Violation corrections

Professional Elevator Services

When you take care of the elevator in your building, it rewards you with a longer lifespan and fewer outages. We provide our clients with regular updates, repairs, and maintenance services for optimal performance. Our services for elevator repair in Brea are prompt, reliable, and efficient. Contact GMS Elevator Services for a free consultation and quotation on 909-599-3904.

Elevator Repair Brea
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Elevator Repair Brea
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