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Most days, you probably step into your elevator, push a button and make your way to the floor you want without a second thought. If something went wrong with the conveyance, however, elevator repair in Anaheim may be the only thing you can think about.

GMS Elevator has the experience and equipment to manage any sort of thing that might go wrong with an elevator. We install modern elevators at new construction sites and maintain and repair older elevators, too. We can even refurbish the outdated cab of a well-working old elevator system. Preventative maintenance is the name of the game, if you want your elevator to last a long time.

Parts of your elevator

When Elisha Graves Otis of Yonkers, New York patented the steam-powered elevator in the 1860s, cities became able to expand upward as well as outward. Today's elevators come with a fantastic assortment of moving parts, each of which must be periodically inspected. Elements of your elevator include:

  • One or more passenger cabs that rise up and down a shaft
  • Counterweights to balance the cabs
  • An electric motor to hoist the cabs up and down
  • A braking system
  • A system of cables and pulleys
  • Safety systems to protect passengers in the event of cable damage

A few fun facts about your elevator

  • There are more than 700.000 elevators in the United States
  • Statistically, elevators are the safest mode of travel
  • Elevators are 20 times safer than escalators.
  • The Roman Coliseum had slave-operated elevators
  • The preponderance of elevator accidents and deaths involve elevator techs
  • The New York Marriott hotel had the first passenger-controlled elevator
  • The NYC Marriott was also the first to boast a smart elevator system
  • The 'close door' button may not affect the time it takes for the door to close
  • Elevators are safer than automobiles
  • The equivalent of the earth's population travels on Otis elevators every five days
  • Elevators used to require two operators to work them

Elevator music first appeared during the 1920s as a way to calm nervous first-time passengers. No, it wasn't Muzak. That form of homogenized background music is commonly called "elevator music," but the company never made music specifically for elevators, explains Elevator History magazine.

Of course, we do more than merely elevator repair in Anaheim. If it's time for your requisite State or City compliance review, we'd be happy to help. GMS elevator can do:

  1. Annual city and state tests
  2. 5-year full load elevator tests
  3. All traction related elevator tests
  4. Any repairs demanded city or state keep your conveyance in code compliance
  5. Test fees may be included in the cost of your GMS service agreement

Don't take chances with the safety of yourself, your employees or visitors to your building. We offer state-of-the-art elevator services, including installation, maintenance, and repair. To know more, or to schedule an inspection, please call GMS Elevator repair in Anaheim at 1+909-599-3904.

elevator repair Anaheim
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elevator repair Anaheim
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elevator repair Anaheim elevator repair Anaheim elevator repair Anaheim