Phoenix Solar Company

Phoenix Solar Company

It's not easy knowing which Phoenix solar company is the right one to partner with when you're thinking about switching to solar. While many solar specialists claim to have the right credentials and experience, the truth is that many are newcomers to the industry and have not had the time to accumulate a lot of expertise. By working with PEP Solar, you'll have access to quality solar supplies and a wealth of first-hand knowledge from many years of working in the solar sector. Feel free to contact PEP Solar if you're interested in learning about the benefits of solar energy.

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Phoenix Solar Company

1. In the same way you would investigate any service or product you would purchase, due diligence is key in choosing from top-rated solar companies in your community. Simply stated, due diligence is the process of checking credentials, reading customer comments, and checking to see whether the companies in question have a good reputation with the BBB. PEP Solar checks all of these boxes and offers our customers a full range of solar supplies and installation services.

2. When searching for a solar panel supplier, make sure you're not buying outdated equipment. Solar technology is constantly changing and becoming more efficient every year. At PEP Solar, we help Phoenix homeowners get set up with solar A/C and heating equipment, solar pool pumps & heaters, solar attic fans, vehicle charging stations, and many other products that will positively impact their energy bills.

3. Feel free to ask a lot of questions if you're new to solar energy and walk away from solar installation companies that only speak in complicated jargon that you can't understand. At Pep Solar, we'll explain the pros and cons of going solar in a comprehensive way, so you can make an informed decision about whether to switch to solar.

4. Find a solar company that can offer financing to reduce the financial stress on the front end of your installation. Although the costs of switching to solar power are somewhat significant, financing can make going solar easy on your budget. In many cases, the monthly payment for our customers is less than the cost of their electricity bills, making solar a cost-effective investment.

5. Insist on partnering with the number 1 solar panel company in the state when buying solar equipment. Ask within your circle at work if others have invested in solar energy and you'll hear our name being mentioned time after time in a positive light. The secret to our success is due to the fact that we've been installing solar products since 1978. In the 40+ years that we've been in business at PEP Solar, we've discovered something essential: homeowners are looking for exceptional value when choosing solar power.

Learn more about the advantages of our products and services when you explore our Solar Learning Guide online. Request a free demonstration when you contact our team today at 623-264-6888.

Phoenix Solar Company

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