Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing

Get the Leading Mechanical Testing for Your Company

Quality control is a key success factor in any manufacturing company. In this sense, one of the methods that have gained the most ground for product quality verification is NDT or non-destructive testing. This methodology allows verifying through different physical, chemical, and mechanical tests the integrity of the parts, thus assuring their quality. It is also possible through NDT to detect failures in the production process, correct them promptly, and thus gain efficiency and productivity.

If your company is going to perform top-of-the-line NDT, the wisest thing to do is to count on the support of a top mechanical testing service. Among the options in the market, the best alternative you will find is ACUREN. You should know more about our testing and materials engineering services, so you will know why we are your best alternative.

Why Choose ACUREN?

  1. The Best Engineering Staff

We understand that accurate test results are essential for you to correct errors, thus protecting your productivity and your finances. That's why we have more than 50 materials engineers with decades of testing experience. They are not only capable of detecting even the slightest atypical or unusual results, but will also know how to recommend the best course of action to correct failures and improve your productivity.

  1. Extensive Knowledge

Our teams have available one of the most extensive libraries of material standards in the industry. ACUREN has an extensive record of both current and historical standards. This allows our engineers to compare test results with our database to provide more accurate reports. This allows our customers to make informed decisions that allow them to improve and optimize their production processes.

  1. The Best Services

Each industry is particular, and each sample has specific needs. That's why at ACUREN you will find the widest variety of material testing services for your company's convenience. These include:

  • Mechanical Testing
  • Chemical Testing
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Plastics & Polymers Testing
  1. The Best Facilities

To provide exceptional quality service, we strive to have state-of-the-art testing facilities. That is why we have 5 fully equipped materials testing laboratories. These are designed to handle projects of any size, with the fastest turnaround time in the market. Through our 3D scanning services, for example, we can provide fast and accurate results, which will shorten your time to market.

  1. Specialized Services

We know that in some cases, it is essential that you perform specific tests on your samples. That's why at ACUREN we go beyond standard material testing. We can meet your specific requirements, allowing you to thoroughly analyze your samples and make meaningful decisions in favor of your business. Our specialized services include:

  • NACE Service Testing
  • Long Term Fatigue Testing
  • Accelerated Aging Testing

Count on Top Materials Testing

If you are looking for the best materials testing and engineering services in the market, you are in the right place. Since 1974, ACUREN has become the reference company in materials testing and verification. We are ready to provide you with a service that will exceed your expectations. Call or contact us to discuss your requirements and needs.

Mechanical Testing
Mechanical Testing
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Mechanical Testing Mechanical Testing Mechanical Testing