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For the successful launch of any product to the market, manufacturers have several steps to follow. One of them is to certify that all products that reach the consumer meet the technical requirements set out in national legislation.

Regarding electronics & telecommunications, the FCC regulates the products. The Federal Communications Commission only allows the sale of these types of devices if they comply with the standard set by the regulations. It is therefore vital to understand what FCC compliance is, and how you can achieve it for your products.

What is FCC Compliance?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the body responsible for establishing the rules that makeup Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This section explicitly addresses the different technical characteristics that any electronic or telecommunications devices must-have.

Among other things, it regulates the impact that the operation of one of these devices may have on the environment, human beings, and structures. For example, FCC rules govern maximum SAR limits, which refer to the specific absorption rate for human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

How to Obtain FCC Permission for Your Products

A product can be released to the market once it has been certified. To achieve certification, it must go through a thorough testing process, demonstrating that the device is within the established parameters. To achieve this, it is wise to hire an engineering agency that specializes in FCC.

These specialists will test your products according to the standard and will be able to demonstrate that they comply satisfactorily. The best FCC specialist companies such as Compliance Testing FCC will even be able to advise you on how to solve any issues that your prototypes may have concerning the standard. This way, you can solve them so that they can be approved at the time of applying to the Commission for certification.

Trust Compliance Testing: the Top FCC Specialists

If you want your products (domestic or imported) to comply with the regulations and successfully pass the FCC certification, count on us. For over 50 years, we have served a variety of clients, and have supported them in the certification process of their different products. That is why we are the reference company in the country, which has been successfully in the industry since 1963.

We have vast experience in all the processes that imply a satisfactory certification. Our expertise even allows us to mediate frequently between our clients and the FCC, to obtain a satisfactory resolution regarding some particular product.

Let us support you in achieving your certification; we can cover all stages of the process, and help you succeed. Our technicians have the knowledge, the update, and the experience necessary to achieve the best results for your electronic or telecommunication devices. If you want the support of the best, you are in the right place.

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If you want to get FCC certification for your products, you're in the hands of the best. Let us help you obtain your certifications quickly, accurately and efficiently, at the most competitive prices in the market. Your success is our success, and we will be happy to support you. Please contact us.

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