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The presence of electromagnetic waves all around us makes it important to ensure that all electronic devices must be capable of functioning within our environment without affecting the users of these devices as well as other devices within the immediate area. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) makes sure that our electronic equipment’s always function optimally in the environment.

What is emc testing and why is it important?

Emc testing is the specific tests carried out on electronic devices that measure how capable these devices are to function in their own electromagnetic environment without causing any interference. Testing for emc is very necessary because it will allow these electronic devices to be certified and meet international standards and regulatory requirements, which must be met in most countries where the devices will be used.

What are the things I should consider when choosing an emc testing lab?

Testing of emc is carried out in special laboratories that are capable of testing electronic devices with the specific equipment, as a device manufacturer, a pre-test of the device should be done before taking the device to a lab. Some things to look out for in an emc testing lab are:

  • One very important feature of an emc testing lab is that it must be accredited and approved by external authorities who have certified that the equipment’s, staff and processes are up to par with required industry standards
  • After accreditation, the lab must also have experts and technicians who have the technological and technical know-how as well as experience in the field. The lack of skill can be very dangerous and can lead to loss of time and a waste of effort.
  • You must also look out for the services offered by the testing lab. You can look out for labs that offer services that you most require for your device, this would help you to save costs. Some labs can also have the capability to provide a full package which will make your product achieve the necessary certifications.
  • The equipment’s and facilities used by the testing lab should be adequate for the tests that you want to be done, you should check to find prior information on the equipment that would be needed to test your devices. Make the needed inquiries from the engineers at the test lab so that your device can get the necessary certifications. Sometimes labs buy used lab equipment that can lower costs.
  • It is also important to take into account the level of convenience that testing may require. You make choose to look for labs that are within your location or outside your country depending on the kind of certifications you wish to acquire, but you must also have contingency plans in case the device should fail the certifications.

Which emc testing lab is best for me?

For your product success as a manufacturer, you need to make sure you get quality service and that your device is tested properly so that it does not cause any problems for the end-user. This is why you should use complaincetesting.com, for all your emc testing needs, we have years of experience and technical expertise to ensure you get the quality service you desire.

Emc Testing Labs
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Emc Testing Labs
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Emc Testing Labs Emc Testing Labs Emc Testing Labs

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